<RootX11ErrorHandler> BadMatch (invalid parameter attr

I’ve got a GUI application that saves the gui’s canvas to a png file every 4 seconds. It work fine until I switch to a different desktop, wait and then try to come back.

When I return the ROOT gui window, it has crashed with error BadMatch. Apparently ROOT can’t write to the bmp file when it doesn’t have focus. If I use the file extension “.pdf”, the problem goes away. It seems to only have problems saving out bitmaps.

How do I convince ROOT to save out bitmaps, even when the GUI is on an inactive desktop?


I cannot reproduce the reported case on SLC3 and cvs head of ROOT. I am able to save the canvas in .png files and ROOT does not crash after I switch to a different desktop. You might help us by providing a small running example that shows the problem, details about your environment and the ROOT version in use.

Cheers, Ilka