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ROOTSYS folder created starting JupyterLab

ROOT Version:

ROOT Version: 6.24/00
Built for linuxx8664gcc on Jun 09 2021, 12:16:00
From heads/latest-stable@e6a04a86

Platform: openSUSE Tumbleweed – release: 20210606


gcc (SUSE Linux) 11.1.1 20210510
[revision 23855a176609fe8dda6abaf2b21846b4517966eb]

JupyterLab Version: 3.0.16

Hello to everyone,

I have a ROOT built from source with the following options:

  • gnuinstall=ON
  • imt=ON
  • minuit2=ON
  • rpath=ON
  • pyroot=ON

I had problems using PyROOT because I didn’t source thisroot script but now I have a line in my configuration files and I am able to import ROOT module inside a Jupyter notebook.

The problem is I noticed that at every start of Jupyter Lab a ROOTSYS folder is created in the current path. I am wondering what is its purpose and if its creation can be avoided in some way.

This is the directory hierarchy structure:


I appreciate the help.

Hi, maybe @etejedor or @omazapa can help you hear. I have no experience of JupyterLab

Hello @cavfiumella

What is this configuration?

for me it looks like a your are setting JUPYTER_CONFIG_DIR, that file “migrated” for examples is usually generated in the path ~/.jupyter but if you set it to your own path all that files will be generated there.

I try just sourcing thisroot.sh and I am able to use ROOT and not code is generated.


I found the problem: I use fish shell instead of bash so I source thisroot.fish instead of thisroot.sh; looking at the code I noticed the missing $ corrected by commit 0be8bbe on master branch but still not on latest-stable.

Adding the $ before ROOTSYS in thisroot.fish should resolve the problem.

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: this solution is not resolutive because I use a fixed location installation (gnuinstall=ON) instead of the more common location independent. So I have to correct $ROOTSYS/etc/notebook -> $ROOTSYS/etc/root/notebook too


Uhm with gnuinstall=ON, the assumption is that components will end up in standard system directories and $ROOTSYS won’t be needed at all. Feel free to open a bug report about the bad interaction of gnuinstall=ON and jupyter.


I opened a bug report: issue #8435

Thank you

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