ROOT's gdk question


I’m creating DIB section with direct call to CreateDIBSection. After that,
I need to register this DIB as a ROOT’s TGWin32 pixmap (it should be
added into fWindows - TGWin32’s data-member).

There is gdk_pixmap_foreign_new(guint32), using it, I can get GdkPixmap * pointer, which can be lately registered in fWindows member of TGWin32.

The question is: how to remove such “pixmap” from TGWin32 ?
I can manually remove DIB calling DeleteObject, but how to remove
gdk’s inner object for this pixmap, which was created by call to gdk_foreign_new ?

May be gdk_pixmap_unref ??? And there is no need in direct call to DeleteObject.

Hi Timur,

Yes, use gdk_pixmap_unref, it does the job.


Ok, thanks :smiley: