I wrote a python program which makes system calls to run a pyroot program multiple times (dirty, I know).

I get this error.

I boiled it down to the following program which loops:

import os, sys for i in range(5): os.system("python")

And this code which imports ROOT.

import ROOT print "Imported ROOT . . ."

Running the looping code gives the "*** glibc detected *** " message 5 times.

I’m using the ROOT version on clued0:

The core file says " Core was generated by `python’." in gdb.

I’ve worked around this problem but I thought I’d still report it.


thanks for reporting. I’m willing to bet that this is the missing ~TClassRef() call in ObjectProxy op_dealloc. (I checked CVS, it’s not there in 4.04, but is fixed in the release after that.)