Rootd setup - Linux server to WinXP client


Working off of the instructions at I was able to set up the rootd server (root_v5.12.00.Linux.slc4.gcc3.4.5.tar.gz) on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 U3 ES(i386) using the xinetd super daemon. I’ve opened port 1094/tcp on the server (also tried this with the Linux firewall and SELinux disabled - don’t worry the server is on a protected network) and can connect from the server to the server using the following command.

However on a WinXP (32bit) installation of Root (root_v5.12.00.win32gdk.msi) the same command throws an exception

root [0] TFile *f = TFile::Open("root://","open") Error: C++ exception caught (tmpfile)(1) *** Interpreter error recovered ***

I can telnet to the Linux server successfully from this host so there’s something else holding me up. I’ve tried this from other WinXP (32bit) machines to the same effect.

One other higher level question. We’re planning on analyzing ~200 GB worth of data spread over 70 root files. This would be served by rootd on Linux and accessed by four WinXP (32bit) clients connected remotely via four separate hardware based IPSec VPNs (150-1000ms latency, 1mbps max throughput). Is performance going to be acceptable given this architecture or should we host root and the data on a Win2003 Terminal Server (64Bit) and let the users have remote access over the VPN?




no worries, we already saw your posting :slight_smile: But we have a problem: our only (x)rootd + windows expert is on vacation - he’ll be back on Monday.

Cheers, Axel.


There should be no problem connecting from Windows to linux…
Could you try to start rootd daemon on linux with “rootd -noauth” and try to connect again ?

Well, I have no experience with this kind of analysis. I think the best way is to perform some tests/benchmarks and base your choice on the results.