Rootd can't bind local address to ports


I just followed the simple instructions in the howto and it just doesn’t work with any port. Always the same message:

ROOT 5.06/00 on ubuntu. What else should I give you?? I have no idea… any suggestion?

Well, I have tried it on another machine, since there is something in the configuration of the other one that causes the error in the previous post. Since I want to get something going, I tried another machine I own.

Everything is fine, the deamon is working and I can do

locally but not from a remote machine.

The error message I get is

I don’t know where I have to set this list of allowed domains. There is nothing about it in the howto or the class documentation (not that I have recognized).

What I know is that I opened the corresponding port and I can connect using telnet (it says:

does anyone know anything about any of the two questions?