Rootcling vs rootcint

Hello Again,

I just wanted to point out some differences between rootcint and rootcling. My makefiles were doing something like

I would get the files


I forget why I needed the flag “-p” right now. It is not documented in the man pages of rootcint or rootcling.
EDIT: Looking here … s-rootcint it was needed for preprocessor flags.

Anyway, with rootcling (where rootcint is now just the same thing as rootcling?), it produces two output files


No header file now. What is this “_rdict.pcm” file? Do I need it?



The pcm file is currently unused; it will be required to be next to your library in the future. It will be the interpreter binding to your library. We will update the documentation once the PCMs do their job.

And indeed we do not need / generate a dictionary header anymore.

Cheers, Axel.