Rootcint patch for Automake

Hi root users,

In the same time, I made public a Rootcint patch for Automake 1.9.5 available at

I have a new version using a module patch for Automake (it’s more
clean). Unfortunately, the Automake maintainer (GNU …) seems not interested to
add a module feature to Automake, but only to solve bugs. Scons seems a nice
replacement, but it’s still beta for a long time. So my patch work fine, but
synchronisation is a small nightmare …

If somebody is interested, ask me for details. There is a doc in the info
file. But it’s probably bad or outdated.

An example:

[code]lib_LTLIBRARIES =

DICT_SOURCES = H1ExclHfsIterator.C H1GetPartMCId.C H1InclHfsIterator.C H1ModsEvent.C H1Part.C H1PartCand.C
H1PartCandIterator.C H1PartComp.C H1PartConvPhoton.C H1PartDstar.C H1PartDstarK03Pi.C H1PartEm.C H1PartFNC.C
H1PartFPS.C H1PartGenJetArrayPtr.C H1PartID.C H1PartInclJetArrayPtr.C H1PartJPsi.C H1PartJet.C H1PartK0.C
H1PartLambda.C H1PartLightVMDiff.C H1PartMC.C H1PartMuon.C H1PartSelTrack.C H1StableMCIterator.C


pkginclude_HEADERS = $(DICT_SOURCES:.C=.h)