ROOT6 segfaulting when writing TFile with ncurses

Dear all,

Since updating to ROOT6 i encounter a strange segfault when trying to write objects to a TFile – the segfault occurs at the call to TFile->Close() to be exact.
This also only happens with ROOT6, with version 5 everything works fine. And it only occurs when an ncurses session is active.
I have compiled a minimum working example of this, segfaulting with ROOT 6.04/06 on a just updated arch linux x86_64 and attached it to this post.

Many thanks for your time and kind regards

Christopher Regali
RootNcursesTest.tar.gz (4.09 KB)


Can you run valgrind on the failing example?


PS. When running valgrind, you ought to add the option--suppressions=$ROOTSYS/etc/valgrind-root.supp