Root6 compilation fails with AfterImage installation problem


I’m trying to compile Root6 from source in a Centos7 machine, however I’m getting the following problem regarding AfterImage installation. After several attempts (downgrade to another Root6 version, change installation directory), I’m still unable to install it without errors. It appears to try the installation with the Root builtinAfterImage but fails anyway.

I need Root6 in centos7, but unfortunately I cannot use the provide binaries since the last one for centos7 is compiled with gcc4.8 and I need a more recent version.

Can you provide some help on this? I attach some printscreens with the errors

I think this should have been fixed in most recent version of ROOT. I’ll have to check and let you know asap

OK, so the problem comes from the @ in the path. See Building built-in libAfterImage fails if build path contains `@` · Issue #7786 · root-project/root · GitHub

Hello @bellenot

This problem is solved after apply the suggestion you gave in the file {builddir}/Source/root/graf2d/asimage/src/libAfterImage/configure

Basically I substituted the @ by % as mentioned

thank you!

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