ROOT::XRootD 5 status?

Hi! What is the status of compatibility of XRootD 5 with ROOT?
Thank you!

@adrian_sev ROOT should be compatible with externally build XrootD5, at least it works for me.
For builtin_xrootd option we still didn’t update version, it is an item in my TODO list.

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Thanks a lot!!

do you know by any chance which is the earliest release known to work with xrootd 5?

I am using 5.0.1:

-- Found Xrootd version num: 5.0.1 (setting -DROOTXRDVERS=500000001)
--              libXrdMain not found: xproofd will be a wrapper around xrootd
--              libXrdClient not found: use built-in
--              include_dirs: /home/oksana/CERN/xrootd/include/xrootd;/home/oksana/CERN_sources/root/proof/xrdinc
--              libraries: /home/oksana/CERN/xrootd/lib64/;/home/oksana/CERN/xrootd/lib64/

Sorry, i meant earliest ROOT release which work with xrootd 5

Ops, sorry, I believe it is v6-22-02

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