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Root_wrapper bindings for Perl, Python and Ruby with SWIG

Hi Root users,

These last days, I cleaned the building part of my SWIG wrapper for Root. Now, it
is acceptable to made it public after one developing year. I use Perl, so it’s
the more complete part. But Python and Ruby might be complete very quickly (1
days) by a Python or Ruby developer.

The archive is available at desy.de/~salvaire/root_wrapper.html with some additional informations.


It should compile without any problem on Linux with a simple: configure; make install.

In theory, you can wrap everything, but it’s not reasonable to wrap completely Root.

I have no times to debug some bug (that doesn’t annoy me). So volunteer, and comments are welcome.

Hi, salvaire!
Do you still need help? I’m a newbie in this theme, but I think I can help you. Actually I started my Ruby language experience for 2 months and I’m still learning, but I do need some practice. I have read in the article about software development compare - what do you think are there many matches between Ruby and PHP? And If your problem was solved - was it difficult to find ruby developers? Thank you.

@Martha_Griggs You do notice this is a post from 14 years ago right? I believe ROOT 5 haven’t came out back then. And we are on 6.18 in 2019.