Root wont read graph data completely

im using root6 on mac and when i try plot data spreadsheet in delimited txt format from excel it only plots one single point. u have used the following lines

on console:

tr ‘\r’ ‘\n’ < /usr/local/Cellar/root/6.10.06/share/root/macros/textfile.txt > unixfile.txt

this is to convert the delimited txt file named ‘textfile.txt’ into a linux type file more compatible for root

and then in root:

g = new TGraph("/usr/local/Cellar/root/6.10.06/share/root/macros/textfile.txt")

i had to enter the entire directory for mac as it would otherwise give error message:

“Error in TGraph::TGraph: Cannot open file: textfile.txt, TGraph is Zombie”

after running, it seemed to output no errors, but when i draw the graph root only shows the first x and y value.

edited: textfile.txt not data.txt

any help?

Attach your “textfile.txt” file.

how do you mean? is there something ive missed?

Could you attach it here or put it somewhere so we can have a look at it?

data1.txt (110 Bytes)

find attached the textfile

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the graph draws fine, but only one point is plotted. i have followed the instructions listed. maybe it is to do with the range of the axis? how can i set the range of the x and y axis?

You must run the “sed” command that I gave in another, very similar, thread here. Afterwards you will get all points.

A (simpler?) solution for small files is to use any decent editor and change line endings there.
As an example, in Kate it works the following way:

Just change it to UNIX and save the file.


in attempting your code i receive the following error message:

sed: 1: “{s/\r/\n/g}”: bad flag in substitute command: ‘}’

@behrenhoff this solution worked, Thanks! is there any other (more general) way to change the line endings of txt files to linux on mac, say for larger files??

there’s dos2unix:
(also available from homebrew)

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