Root with Qt in SLC5


I’m developing an application that requires QtRoot.
It works in cern afs in a SLC5 with ROOT 5.26 and Qt4 4.6.3, and now it is required to distribute the aplication so a user can run it in a personal computer.

I already look here to find the required Qt version.

The problem is, SLC5 repository only have Qt4 4.2 and ROOT requires Qt4 >= 4.3
So, in order to run the aplication the user must need to install a Qt4 version who isn’t in the repository.

Do you know where i can get a Qt4 rpm for SLC5

Thanks in advance

The page mentioned “” script.
This script is to install the correct Qt version for you.
You may edit that script to be able to install another Qt version as well if needed.
Check as well. It should be Ok for any Linux.