Root vm


It is not a support question, but no other forums seemed more appropriate to post it. Does anyone of you, ROOT developers & users, has developed a small linux VM containing ROOT and Python? I need to develop my own PyROOT based app. Creating the required Scientific Linux image was easy, but I was not able to go with size much below 3 GB. On the other hand, I failed miserably on attempts to use some of the mini Linux distributions and modify them to include ROOT.

The CernVM is not what I am looking for - complicated, difficult to adjust and requiring online access. But perhaps someone already did what I am asking for.

Take Ubuntu 16.04 or newer and execute (afterwards, you should be able to build the newest ROOT 6 with a rich set of enabled featured): # sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts sudo apt-get build-dep root-system sudo apt-get install \ cmake cmake-curses-gui \ davix davix-dev \ libcfitsio2 libcfitsio-dev libcfitsio-bin \ liboce-ocaf10 liboce-ocaf-dev oce-draw \ r-base r-base-dev r-mathlib r-cran-rcpp r-cran-rinside \ ocaml \ dcap dcap-dev dcap-tunnel-gsi dcap-tunnel-krb dcap-tunnel-ssl dcap-tunnel-telnet \ gfal2 gfal2-plugin-mock gfal2-doc libgfal2-dev srm-ifce-dev \ libtbb-dev tbb-examples libtbb-doc Don’t forget to report the outcome of your trials here.

But I understand that would be a standard, big Ubuntu installation, probably again about 3 GB, wouldn’t it? So perhaps not so much different from what I did with Scientific Linux.

I know that the French lab CENBG has developed such VM. You can find it here.

The compressed image is 6 GB. So it is a few times bigger than the image that I managed to do myself… I am sure we could do with <1 GB, but one has to have experience playing with linux guts :slight_smile: