Root version

Hi Dear Experts

I’m ROOT newbie and got little baffled about my version, most of the tutorials now on version > 6. and I downloaded vesion 6.06. but when I start root the LOGO claimes that it’s version 5!

but when I enter this command …

[] gROOT -> GetVersion() 
(const char* 0x7f05c969de91)"5.34/14"

and there are some errors when I’m using c++11 syntax in ROOT shell, (when I brows the forum I noticed this problem is with 5 version).
how can can I make sure I’m using version > 6?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

P.S.: I’m using Ubuntu 14.04, using g++ version 4.84 and I download this ROOT file … 4.8.tar.gz
from the website , It’s version 6.06.02

It appears that you have a ROOT version 5.34/14 installed. It comes probably from a previously installation.
How did you install ROOT 6? The way to install it is described here.