ROOT v6.30.00 is out!


We are happy to announce the latest production release of ROOT: v6.30.00! :raised_hands: It comes with tons of improvements under the hood - and a couple of notable and visible changes:

  • RDataFrame now has a ProgressBar to do the obvious
    and RDatasetSpec to programmatically define metadata and input files.
    See that in action in the tutorial / df106_HiggsToFourLeptons.C.
  • Distributed RDataFrame - just like many other parts of ROOT - got a performance boost!
  • A new plot type, TScatter is now available:
    it’s able to draw a scatter plot of four variables in a single plot.
  • Minuit2 is now the default minimizer.
  • In other news, this release adds support for GCC 12 and macOS 14. It requires C++17 or 20. And Python2 support is now deprecated.

You can find all the links at the release page, including the release notes.

A big thanks :pray: to everyone who helped with 6.30, be it through code changes, bug reports, or discussions!

We hope you will enjoy this new release!

Best regards,
Axel, for the ROOT team