ROOT v6.28/12 is out!

Dear all,

We’re happy to announce v6.28/12, an update for ROOT for that branch. We warmly recommend to upgrade to as it contains several performance improvements, most notably for the interpreters, as well as bug fixes.

You can find the release notes here. This version will also soon arrive in your favorite package manager; thanks for all the packagers’ help in providing new versions!

Danilo, for the ROOT team.


Why I have 6.30/02 already?

Check out:

Dear Bruno,

Thanks for your question. It is expected and normal.
There are several “branches” of ROOT which are developed. The “main” branch is used to integrate new features, performance optimisations and bug fixes. The other branches, such as the ones we call “v6-28-00-patches” or “v6-30-00-patches”, are used to integrate performance optimisations and bug fixes “back-ported” from the main branch.
We cut releases of all branches to expose improvements to our user community - this release is a “snapshot” of the “v6-28-00-patches” branch, and this co-exists with other releases, such as the one you mention, 6.30.02, that were released before and have a different feature set.
This kind of approach is common to many open-source products, nothing peculiar here.

I hope this clarifies a bit the situation on top of the page linked above!