ROOT v6.28/08 is out!

The pre-compiled binary distribution for Ubuntu 18.04 / x86_64 (“End of Life” April 2028) is missing. Please add it.

Only if you have an Ubuntu Pro paid subscription, an offer typically targeted to enterprises.
Ubuntu 18 is out of standard security maintenance since last April.

I’m not saying ROOT should or should not release a binary for Ubuntu 18 (not my call) – just wanted to clarify that Ubuntu 18 is already EOL and without security updates for 99% of users.

Ubuntu Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) is free for personal use for 100% of individual users.
So, if you use a “data center” / “computing cluster” that runs Ubuntu 18.04, you can also get all updates for your machine.

Ha, I didn’t know Ubuntu Pro had a free tier for personal use, thanks @Wile_E_Coyote !

Hi Wile,

Thanks for posting this request and complementing it with some very useful information.
Irrespective of the support of Ubuntu 18, just a word of caution: v6.28/08 has been released upon request of the ATLAS experiment, but, as you might have noticed, it was not advertised through the usual channels - and that was for a reason. We are right now finalising a fix which affects ROOT macOS 14 which degrades the usage of some guis, and plan to include it in ROOT v6.28/10.


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