ROOT v6.28/00 is out!


The ROOT team is happy to announce a new production release: v6.28/00! It contains lots of improvements such as:

  • The LLVM/clang library used by ROOT was upgraded to LLVM 13 instead of 9. Support for building with C++20 will come soon in a future patch release.
  • A new binary rootreadspeed was added to measure realistic analysis I/O throughput: it allows you to find reading bottlenecks for analyses, whether using multiple files, multiple threads, or even only selected branches of some or multiple trees.
  • RDatasetSpec allows you to associate meta data with files, and pass that to RDataFrame: cross-section, weights, sample name (“H2bb”, “MC”), and virtually anything else are then available as “columns”.
  • The new, accelerating batch mode of RooFit is now passing all tests: we recommend to try it out!
  • SOFIE model evaluation is now integrated with RDataFrame, allowing fast inference without extra dependencies, seamlessly integrated in your analysis.

See the release notes and the release page. This release should also arrive through your favorite distribution channel soon.

Thank you very much for using ROOT, for trying the nightly builds, and for contributing with bug reports, discussions, or even patches. We hope you will enjoy this release!

Best regards,
Axel, for the ROOT team

NB: we will move latest_stable to point to v6.28/00 in a couple of weeks, once we see that we didn’t overlook any major issue!