ROOT v6.26.02 building from source: (maybe temporary) issue with the download of the XROOTD component

Dear ROOTers,

After the news of the workshop, I am getting the latest v6.26.02 version building, building it from source as I am used to.
I do as from the manual:

git clone --branch latest-stable --depth=1 root_src
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/CERN/ROOT/v6-26-02/ -DCMAKE_CXX_STANDARD=20 -Dfortran=ON -Dgviz=ON -Dminuit2=ON -Dbuiltin_unuran=ON -Dbuiltin_vc=ON -Dbuiltin_vdt=ON -Dbuiltin_veccore=ON -Dvecgeom=OFF -Doracle=OFF ../root_src 2>&1 | tee cmake_output.txt

The compilation process breaks during the download of the xrootd component, reporting in the log that the downloaded files does not match the expected checksum, see the extract below.

Not sure if a temporary issue (tried yesterday, i.e. 12/05/22) or a manual intervention is requested, so I decided to report this here.

Or maybe I am doing something wrong that I cannot figure out, but xrootd is a component that is enabled by default and I have not changed any default related to it in the cmake command line - btw what is this used for? Do I really need it for a mainly laptop/lab data usage?

I look forward to your feedback.


-- [download 98% complete]
-- [download 99% complete]
-- [download 100% complete]
-- verifying file...
-- SHA256 hash of
  does not match expected value
    expected: '84e8a9a2bcad116df479f94e985c287dd99fbac0613d4fbb61f4ccc0cef81fa3'
      actual: '2b394270c55cb3d14f3c44b692311db99d2d25278882b513d4d564b68a58ed4a'
-- Hash mismatch, removing...
-- Retry after 5 seconds (attempt #2) ...
-- Using src=''
-- [download 0% complete]
-- [download 1% complete]
-- Hash mismatch, removing...

ROOT Version: “latest_stable” (expecting 6.26.02)
Platform: Debian 11
Compiler: gcc 10.2

“Stable” means it always behaves the same (well, you cannot build it, can you).

Take the “head” of the “unstable” v6-26-00-patches branch.

Hi @malfonsi79 ,
yes it’s unfortunate but there was a change in xrootd’s checksum that breaks compilation of the current stable branch, --branch v6-26-00-patches contains a patch that fixes the problem. Sorry for the trouble, v6.26.04 will make things better!