ROOT v6.26/00 released!


ROOT v6.26/00 is out! It comes with some really nice new features, such as:

  • RooFit has way nicer python interfaces and automatic GPU acceleration!
  • Try distributed RDataFrame: many physicists already use it to run RDataFrame-based analyses in parallel on clusters. It now supports Dask, which means it runs virtually anywhere you want.
  • Experimental RDataFrame::Vary() for systematic variations within the same event loop, with a wonderful, simple interface.
  • SOFIE can take your trained ONNX model and generate blazingly fast C++ code from it, depending only on BLAS.
  • TBrowser is now using ROOT’s new web-based graphics and GUI. You can always switch back, but we’d love to hear your feedback! (edited - thanks, @James-Carroll !)

You can find the release info here - but you probably just want to grab it: it will likely show up in your favorite package manager soon!

Thanks everyone for your help, feedback, bug reports that went into this new version.

Enjoy ROOT v6.26!

Axel, for the ROOT team

TBrowser using the ROOT 7 RBrowser by default seems like a pretty noticable change too! (It definitely stood out to me at least :wink: )

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