ROOT v6.24.00 from source

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ROOT Version: v6.24.00
Platform: Centos 6
Compiler: provided by devtoolset-8: g++ 8.3.1

Hi all, i installed ROOT from the source file
i use the following command:
cmake -Dgdml=ON -Dbuiltin_gsl=OFF -Dmathmore=ON -Dpythia6=ON -Dpythia8=ON -Droofit=ON -DGSL_DIR=/home/jordi/genie_software/gsl-2.6/ -DGSL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE=/home/jordi/genie_software/gsl-2.6/bin/gsl-config -DPYTHIA6_LIBRARY=/home/jordi/genie_software/pythia6428/ -DPYTHIA8_DIR=/home/jordi/genie_software/pythia8304-source/ -DPYTHIA8_INCLUDE_DIR=/home/jordi/genie_software/pythia8304-source/include/ -DPYTHIA8_LIBRARY=/home/jordi/genie_software/pythia8304-source/lib/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/jordi/genie_software/root-6.24.00/ …/root-6.24.00/

Even though I read that installing it with devtoolset seems to have problems, I think it installed correctly:

So, my problem is when trying to compile the software (event generator) GENIE against ROOT, I know this a ROOT forum but I think the problem is related to ROOT (sorry if it is not :sweat:):

the issue is that I receive this error message:

Really appreciate any help because I can’t find information related to this type of error.

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Maybe @Axel can help on this

uninformed opinion: looks like GENIE dictionaries expect a using namespace std; that is not there anymore. Could it be that the GENIE version you are using is incompatible with 6.24?

You can try reaching out to the GENIE developers to check which ROOT versions GENIE works with.


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