ROOT v6.10/00 has been released!

he ROOT team is happy to announce the release of v6.10/00 - the first one in the new v6.10 series.

Release notes:

Apart from many bug fixes and performance improvements it offers several new features, for instance:

  • new class TProfile2Poly for the creation of profiles of histograms that have polygonal bins.
  • extended GenVector classes to support for vectorized types (e.g. types from the Vc library)
  • new tools for parallelism to speed up ROOT or ROOT-based analyses (TThreadExecutor, TProcessExecutor)
  • introduced TDataFrame to analyse data contained in ROOT trees in a declarative/functional manner taking advantage transparently of all cores of your machine
  • new ClassDefInline(MyClass, 3) to add ClassDef functionality without the need to generate a dictionary
    which is especially useful for scripts and other non-framework cod
  • full support of GCC 5 and up

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed, be it with patches and pull requests or bug reports!

Best regards,
Pere on behalf of the ROOT team

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