ROOT v5 on CentOS8.x?

Has anyone managed to install ROOT V5 on CentOS8.1 ? We have a new cluster but a lot of legacy ROOT v5 code . ROOT v5 installs on CentOS7.x but the build fails in cint on CentOS8.1 which uses gcc 8.3.1 . For some reason it cannot find iostream which is provided in the cint tree. There are directories with the necessary include files for gcc3.x and gcc4.x ( libgcc3 and libgcc4 ) but I cannot find where the build process picks the correct one. I presume it just gives up when it cannot find anything for gcc8 ( although I thought CentOS7 uses gcc5 ? ) . I know that ROOT v5 is no longer supported but I was hoping someone might know where to start looking and perhaps be able to provide some hints on how to do this.

Thanks in advance

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ROOT Version: 5.34_36
Platform: CentOS8.1
Compiler: gcc8.3.1

The search/selection happens in cint/cint/, search for gcc4strm.cxx


Thanks for the suggestion. Adding gcc 8 gets me a bit further. However, Cint isn’t able to to generate the dictionary for cint/reflex/src/G__Reflex . It cannot handle some of the typedefs in /usr/include/c++/x86_64-redhat-linux/bits/c++config.h like : typedef decltype(nullptr) nullptr_t which happens id __cplusplus is more recent than 2011 …

I presume there is no simple way to make Cint understand the newer(?) syntax - right ?


Indeed CINT does not know about the decltype keyword and would need to be added to the parsing code … (A workaround would be build in C++98)

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