ROOT v5.32 on Ubuntu 10.04-Error linking libraries


I have just installed root v5.32 and I have this error when compiling a code that was correctly compiled with an older version of root:

Using granular libraries …
Linking incl
/home/irfulx168/mnt/acorsi/INCL/lib/ undefined reference to ROOT::TGenericClassInfo::TGenericClassInfo(char const*, int, char const*, int, std::type_info const&, ROOT::TInitBehavior const*, void*, void (*)(), TVirtualIsAProxy*, int, int)' /home/irfulx168/mnt/acorsi/INCL/lib/ undefined reference toTClass::GetClass(char const*, bool)’
/home/irfulx168/mnt/acorsi/INCL/lib/ undefined reference to `TObject::ShowMembers(TMemberInspector&, char*)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [/home/irfulx168/mnt/acorsi/g4work/bin/Linux-g++/incl] Error 1

The Makefile is in attachement.
Can you suggest me how to fix it?
Thank you in advance,

Problem solved! Thank you anyway

Hi Anna,
I encountered almost the same problem, but I am in Ubuntu 11.04.
Could you please post briefly your solution?

tnx a lot


Hi Martino,

It was likely a problem with the order of library. For Ubuntu, we recommend using v5.34.