Hi All,

I have installed (from source) without any problem ROOT_v5.08 on my linux mandriva. I installed this version because i mainly use RooFit package and i saw that RooFit is now include with ROOT.
It seems that all the library have been installed so far except the one i need e.g ROOFIT.
i done:

  1. ./configure
  2. gmake
  3. gmake install

When i do gSystem->Load(“”);
ROOT does not know this library.
Then i have a look at the lib directory and libRooFit does not exist.
Moreover i have a root/roofit directory with RooFit_v2.07 version.

Does anybody have explanation why the RooFit library has not been built ?
How can i build this library without (re)compiling all ROOT v5.08 ?

Thanks for any help or suggestion,


run ./configure --help: it tells you that you should have specified the --enable-roofit flag to configure. Just re-run ./configure with the proper flags. You won’t have to recompile all of ROOT - just a smaller part, 10% or so, but that’s what happens with any software if one forgets the proper configure flags :slight_smile:

Cheers, Axel.

Hi Axel,

Thanks for your reply.
Your command with --enable-roofit works very well.
I think that RooFit was built by default as the new Splot package.

    Cheers, david.