ROOT Users' Workshop 2015: Registration Open!


Registration for the ROOT Users’ Workshop, Sept 15-18 in Saas-Fee,
Switzerland is now open at Please
join us to celebrate ROOT’s 20th birthday, and discuss what its future
will be.


We have a few special guests: our users, reporting on their most and
least loved ROOT features, as well as Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of
C++, on how to write good, modern C++; Wolfgang Huber on data processing
with R and Bioconductor; and Electronic Arts on large-scale data
analysis for instance for game data!

Feedback Questionnaire

To allow us to collect input from our users before the workshop, and to
understand which parts of ROOT our development should focus on, we would
very much appreciate if you could fill out the feedback form at It should only take a few minutes but
allows us to understand what you will benefit from.

Abstract Submission

Please consider submitting an abstract for the ROOT workshop: anything
that you do with ROOT, that we should take into account for the future
of ROOT, or that is otherwise relevant to users or developers is welcome!

See you in Saas-Fee!

Best regards,
Axel on behalf of the workshop planning team.