ROOT User's Guide update

The new update of the ROOT User’s Guide v.4.04 is available at:

This new edition has changed layout style that allowed the page numbers to be reduced despite of the new included chapters.

Please note that the version number was changed from 4.08 to 4.04 to follow exactly the ROOT production release number. All changes of the documentation are described briefly in the revision history at:

Ilka Antcheva

Dear ROOT Users,

Thanks Ilka, the new documentation

“User’s Guide v5.08”

contains the brief description of the new ROOT Qt layer.

See: "Chapter 24. Writing a Graphical User Interface"
Section “Qt-ROOT implementation of TVirtualX interface” p. 393

The documentation contains several of the “HelloWord”-kind examples
The source of the examples is available to download … les.tar.gz
and play with
(see: )

Be kind :slight_smile: please.
It is the first public presentation. Therefore the huge amount of the unfound yet bugs and typos are to be anticipated :frowning: and tolerated :slight_smile:

You prompt bug reports will be appreciated a lot

Best regards