ROOT under Win XP 64

Hello ,

at my workplace I have Win XP 64 on my computer and I have installed root 5.22.00 and Visual Studio.
I can write codes and also make Graphs and so on but I can’t compile. VS tells me every time that he couldn’t open “w32pragma.h” which is a file from Root and it is neither missing nor broken or something like that. But it can open and read self-written Header- and Code-files.
Is there a general problem with the 64-bit OS or do I have to do some special setups? I have already set up the environmental Variables, so there can’t be a problem at this point.



Just add $ROOTSYS/include in your include path.
And FYI, there is no difference between 64-bit and 32-bit Windows (for ROOT)

Cheers, Bertrand.

Do you mean in the “Environment Variables”-settings under User variables I have to write $ROOTSYS/include to the variable INCLUDE??
Or what do you mean with path?

[quote=“ace86”]Or what do you mean with path?[/quote]Semicolon separated list of the directories.
It can be the value of the INCLUDE variable or (and) It can be the value of your Studio project or ( and ) it can be the value of “-I” compiler option.