ROOT to batch farm: problems

Hello ROOT experts,

My code works as expected when I run it from my home directory (on our linux cluster), but I when I send it to the batch farm I get several errors.
This is not my server so I cannot edit core root files, only those on my home directory and my .bashrc etc.

The code is as follows:


root -b -l <Load("/home/name/folder/")
.X /home/name/folder/myProgram.C+

However, the batch farm sends the following error statements:

‘Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library /home/name/folder/
Error in TApplication::ExecuteFile : macro myProgram.C not found in path .:/usr/share/root/macros:’

I understand how I could fix the following by updating my .rootrc file in my root files, to change the macro path, but I can’t access it.

Any help would be great,



this is more a configuration problem than a ROOT issue.
ROOT is not able to find both the so library you specify and the macro, probably because the directory does not exist on the batch node. You should rely on some shared filesystem or sandboxing mechanism.