ROOT terminates when loaded

Hi everyone,

I have a script that reads 53 ROOT files and loads them into the chain one after the other. In each loading, the script runs through the ROOT file’s events and apply cuts then spits out a new ROOT file.
After going through 30 of them, ROOT terminates and interrupts the work (without giving any error). I had to split the script into two where the second one works through the other 23 files which basically solves the problem but it is not an ideal solution.
Is that a natural behaviour? Am I overloading ROOT?

Thanks a lot.


very hard to say. It’s not normal but it could be your code causing the crash. Did you run the program with gdb attached to it? This can give you a hint of the issue.


Hi Danillo,
I will try running my code using gdb and hope I can get to the bottom of it.
Thanks for the tip.


Given the symptom you describe (including it works with the file in chunk but does not work with all files), one common cause would be a memory leak (likely triggered by some of the code you are running).


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