ROOT TBrowser not working outside terminal (6.26/02, Windows 10)

Dear ROOT experts,

I have recently installed ROOT 6.26/02 for x64 via the installer on my up-to-date Windows 10 computer, which also has “Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 (64-bit) Version 17.3.5” installed.
ROOT appears to be generally working, but I do seem to have an issue with the RBrowser.

If I double click on a .ROOT file to inspect it a new window opens, but instead of the RBrowser it displays that “This site can’t be reached”, and “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”, among others.

If on the other hand I start ROOT in the command line and open a TBrowser with

TBrowser TB

It works fine, a new window with a functional ‘ROOT RBrowser’ opens, similiar to how it did for me on other computers with older ROOT versions.

I do undestand this is a minor issue, but I do like the convinience of inspection .ROOT files so easily.
Is there a way to get the RBrowser working without having to call it explicitly from a terminal?


Hi, right, I suppose the file association has to be changed for RBrowser. Thanks for reporting the issue. I’m looking into it.

This is now fixed in the master branch. Note that one will need to use the Quit ROOT Session button image in the browser in order to close the application.

Dear Bellenot,

thank you for the prompt response and fix!
Is the installer on the website also updated, or would I need to pull the repo and compile ROOT myself?


No, the installer has not been updated, it will be part of the next release. But no need to rebuild ROOT from source, you can simply edit the %ROOTSYS%\macros\fileopen.C file and replace this line (18):

    b->GetBrowserImp()->GetMainFrame()->Connect("CloseWindow()", 0, 0, "onBrowserClose()");

by these lines:

   TBrowserImp *bi = b->GetBrowserImp(); 
   if (dynamic_cast<TRootBrowser *>(bi) || dynamic_cast<TRootBrowserLite *>(bi)) 
      bi->GetMainFrame()->Connect("CloseWindow()", 0, 0, "onBrowserClose()");

And that should work

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Thank you, Bellenot!

I made the change as suggested and can confirm that this fixes the double-click-.root-file functionality.

Much appreciated!

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I had exactly the same problem and wasted hours trying to find a solution with Google before looking for one in the ROOT question box. bellenot’s solution worked for me too. Many thanks.

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