Root-system-*, root-plugin-*| Ubuntu Repository


I am currently an undergrad physic student and I have been experimenting with ROOT since the beginning of the summer. I did all of my statistics assignment with ROOT and there is something that I was curious about.

After trying out Unix computers, I decided to dedicate an entire laptop to it, and I have tried Linux Mint and Ubuntu distros. I have installed ROOT by downloading it from this website and following compiled instructions I’ve accumulated over the years:

Something else I’ve found is that there is a root repository in Ubuntu based distros.
Since I’m unsure which package is where and how they’ve been arranged, to see if it works, In my virtual machine I simply ran:
sudo apt-get install root-system-* root-plugin-* -y
It was a big download but the installation was successful and everything that I can do at my level seems to check out.

Adding to it, I didn’t need to edit my “.bashrc” to load root properly either. Only problem I’ve seen so far installing from repository is that I don’t know what’s been installed and the missing fonts, which I found a solution on this forum a while ago.

I was wondering if this was a reliable way to install ROOT?
(It seems to be v5.34. I have no clue where it was installed.)


I would personally suggest to rely either on the binaries distributed on the website (if avaiable for the platform you are interested in) either an installation from sources ( … oot-source).