ROOT startup after MSVC++ compile


Seems that it did, indeed, compile! However when I start ROOT I get the following message several times before I finally get the prompt.

Error: cannot open c:\CYGWIN\C\ROOT\cint/MAKEINFO
!!! There are examples of MAKEINFO files under c:\CYGWIN\C\ROOT\cint/platform/ !

The MAKEINFO file is in the directory in question but maybe there’s a problemn in the way ROOT looks for it as one can see the pth has both backslashews and forward slashes. I do have %ROOTSYS% set and also the PATH variable.


Hi Harry,
please post what “echo %ROOTSYS%” says, and where your root.exe is. There is something wrong with your %ROOTSYS%. It seems you’ve set it under cygwin - you’ll have to set the windows env var instead (Start->Control->System->Something->Environment Vars, edit PATH, add ROOTSYS - ask google for help on that, it explains it even with pipctures and “regular user” / “administrator” issues). It looks as if ROOTSYS should be set to C:\root in your case.

right again, axel