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ROOT Release v6.22/00 is out - with all new https://root.cern!


The ROOT team is happy to announce ROOT v6.22/00, the first release of this new production release series. The most significant change is ROOT’s new python binding PyROOT, the result of many months of work. Besides that, v6.22 features some crucial developments for instance in RooFit. Much effort went also into fixing a large number of bugs - thanks to everyone who reported those and helped fixing them!

The release page can be found here. It contains an overview of the main changes as well as download links.

Talking about web pages: as you might have noticed, we have published an all new https://root.cern! It has been reworked from the ground up over the past few months, also with the help of (as far as we know) HEP’s first “Google Summer of Docs” contributor. You can read more about the website and its technology here. We put quite some effort into this complete rewrite, and we hope you enjoy it.

Noteworthy is for instance the little version switching tool for our reference guide.

Thank you for continuing to use ROOT and especially for contributing - whether through discussions, bug reports, or patches! As you can see, we put a lot of energy into making v6.22 the best ROOT until today.

We wish you a wonderful summer - stay healthy!

Best regards,
Axel, for the ROOT team