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ROOT release v6.20/00 is out!


The ROOT team is happy (and a bit proud!) to announce the release of ROOT v6.20/00! It took a while - but now it’s ready for you! Highlights:

  • A new compression algorithm (ZSTD)[https://github.com/facebook/zstd.git] was added. Please use it: it’s faster than the default zlib, and it compresses better. (We don’t want to change the default: we want old ROOT versions to be able to read new files.) The release notes show how to use it.
  • The new prompt functionality root[0] .help TTree::Draw does what you’d expect it to do: open ROOT’s documentation on TTree::Draw in a browser window (or, if remote, show the URL so you can click it.) We hope you’ll enjoy that!
  • RooFit has lots of improvements in this release, from considerable speed-ups to a myriad of fixed bugs.
  • ROOT does not show its splash screen during start-up anymore. In case you miss it, just run root -a.
  • PyROOT receives a major upgrade in v6.22. You’ll need to get prepared by a couple of Python code changes on your side, notably when instantiating class templates from Python. The release notes spell out the details. And many, many bugs were fixed! See https://root.cern/content/release-62000 for details such as release notes and downloads.
  • ROOT’s prompt as well as its Jupyter interface now allow you to re-declare many things:
root [0] int a = 0;
root [1] float a = 42.;

As always, thank you very much for your reports, patches, reproducers, and simply for using ROOT!

Please come to the 2020 ROOT Workshop, June 8-11 at Fermilab. Submit your abstract soon, and please spread the news about the workshop, especially among young physicists.

Best regards,
Axel, for the ROOT team

root -a = :rofl: x 2