Root Release notes


This is a stupid question:

How did you generate the Root Release Notes?
They are so uniform, that they seem to be generated by a program. Can you tell me how you did it? I want to use something similar for my project.


Hi Andreas,

Indeed, the Release notes in html format
are generated automatically from the CVS log.
I generate the Root CVS log file in
$ROOTSYS/README/Changelog with
make changelog
(see Root Makefile), but this is just cvs log.
then I run the following script in the attachement.

I run the script in a Root session
root > .x dohtml.C

This produces the file V3.10.txt.html where
all occurences of classes or keywords known
to the Root session are automatically hyperized.

dohtml.C (911 Bytes)

Hi Rene,

Since - inspired by ROOT - we also use cvs as version control system, the generation of the Changelog file works as expected!


Thank you very much,

Hi Andreas,
take ROOT sources and look at

Some times ago it was done via perl script and root macro
(Fons can correct me). See attached files.
Used to generate Carrot’s ChangeLog.

Regards. Valeriy (16.4 KB)