ROOT related paper on datamining?


I’m a CS student and I’m currently reading and understanding ROOT’s internal structure. Hoping I can contribute to the ROOT project in the future (personally I find ROOT’s design be very intresting). Now I’ve a report to do on recent development of data mining. So I want to write my report on ROOT. But I didn’t find much interesting paper regarding ROOT even digging into Google Scholar that is not HEP centered. May someone suggest some papers I can use?

sorry for the late reply, I am not aware of any paper about ROOT usage in data mining outside of HEP. Indeed the community around ROOT tends to be HEP-centric.

@moneta might be able to suggest something.


There is this list but it is not updated recently:

I suggest eventually to look at the proceedings of recent CHEP conferences
for example from CHEP2018, see

Ahh… thank you.