ROOT Production Release 5.34/00

We are pleased to announce the spring production release of ROOT version 5.34/00. For more information see the announcement.

This release will be a Long Term Support (LTS in Debian speak) release as we now start work on ROOT 6 which will be Cling/LLVM based. Being an LTS version means that in addition to bug fixes we will also back port desired new features from the trunk to the v5.34 patch releases (thereby not guaranteeing binary compatibility between patch releases).

Fons Rademakers on behalf of the ROOT team.

According to some message (that I found elsewhere, don’t remember where), v5-32 was supposed to be “the last” version that supports gcc 3.4 (and another gcc 3.x compilers).
Would it be possible that you make the 5-34 version to be “the last”?