Root problem with Geant4 "CanvasInTab.hh" error

Hello experts i am trying to read an output of example in geant4 with root but when i compile it i get this error however the header file is already added what to do in this case
root [0]
In file included from input_line_8:1:
/home/vgate/Software/Geant4/src/examples/extended/medical/dna/chem4/plot/ fatal error: ‘CanvasInTab.hh’ file not found
#include “CanvasInTab.hh”

_ROOT Version:6.26/08
Platform: virtual machine

Welcome to the ROOT Forum!
I think this is more a question for the Geant4 Forum

Hi Innas,

Welcome to the ROOT forum. As @bellenot says, Geant4 forum is more suitable for this question.

The plot app is a standalone application that you have to compile, as a cmake project for example. You can not simply compile it using ROOT.

Despite the warnings about the lack of pcm files needed, it works.


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