ROOT PRO 4.04/02 release and major announcement

We are pleased to announce the production release of ROOT 4.04/02.
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This production released was originally planned for end of June.
However, a few weeks ago, it was decided to merge the LCG SEAL
project and ROOT. As a result, we are now starting a new development
cycle for ROOT version 5. We are planning a first development release
of ROOT5 end of June and a production release in December.
The expected main features of ROOT version 5 in December will be:

-mathcore: a new set of math functions with no dependencies,
a la TMath. The new mathcore classes or functions will be included
by default in libCore and also available as an independent library
libMathCore. In particular, mathcore will include an enhanced set
of physics vectors classes as well as new random number generators.

-mathmore: a new set of math functions originally based on the
GNU GSL library with the corresponding libMathMore library.

-Several Existing classes like TF1 will be restructured to use
functions in mathmore.

-Merge of the ROOT and SEAL plugin managers and similar utilities.

-A new version of CINT (version 6) will be based on the "Reflex"
reflexion system developed by our colleagues in the former SEAL
project. CINT and Reflex can also be used standalone.

-A major upgrade of the PROOF system supporting asynchronous
interactive and batch queries. The system will also be more
performant in case of a large number of CPUs.

-A new class TTreeSQL supporting
-access to an existing RDBMS data base (via eg TTree::Draw)
-creation of a table in a RDBMS via the normal TTree functions.

-major improvements in the GL viewer.

-a long list of minor or more substantial enhancements.

-ROOT5 will be back compatible with ROOT4.

These features will become gradually available with our monthly
development releases.

Following the merge of ROOT & SEAL, the ROOT project has been
structured into the following work packages and managers:
-BASE: Infrastructure, CVS, releases; Fons Rademakers
-CINT: C/C++ Interpreter: Masa Goto
-DICT: Dictionary and Reflexion: Philippe Canal
-I/O: Basic I/O and trees: Philippe Canal/Markus Frank
-MATH: Math libraries and histograming: Lorenzo Moneta
-GUI: GUI classes, GUI builder/editors: Ilka Antcheva
-GRAPHICS: 2-d and 3-d graphics: Olivier Couet
-PROOF: Distributed data analysis: Fons Rademakers

On behalf of the ROOT team

Rene Brun