ROOT plan of work / non-public Zoom link

Well, if you cannot convince the administrator of this forum to install an appropriate plugin (so that individual “web links”, individual “whole posts”, and individual “whole threads” can be visible only for people who are “logged in”), maybe you could post the links to your slides (well, I cannot find them on the indico) and to the Zoom some 15 minutes before it actually starts (and then delete this post after the meeting is over).

Hi Wile_E,

Right, I checked, too, and it’s only possible with a plugin. (I didn’t check which one.) It’s super rare that we are in a situation like this, so I prefer to just receive personal messages for those who want the link.

FYI I had thought that your initial message was a private one and replied to you with the link - which made it public for a couple of hours :-/ So now because of my mistake I need to forbid people to unmute, turn their cameras on, etc. Sigh.

I’ll re-send the link to you through personal message!

Cheers, Axel

Well, let’s hope at least some people, who are interested in it, were fast enough to copy it.

Well, I guess this can easily be set for all participants in the Zoom settings. Then people have the “Raise Hand” button in the “Reactions” menu, so you can easily control who can “speak”.

Actually, I think you underestimate this “need”.
I guess people would really appreciate it, if links to their “data files”, “source code” files, “repositories”, entire posts containing some possibly “confidential information”, and so on, could be “protected” with the requirement that only people who are “logged in” can see them (and one should deny “web crawlers” / “web indexers” any access to them, of course).
This is the “default” behavior on many forums.

Excellent point, thanks, Wile_E! @bellenot can you find out (with Ismael) how to get that set up?

Hi Axel, I’ll check what can be done

As a default, it prevents search engine indexing, which we probably want – but sure it would be nice to have the option.

So there is no such plugin. But see this new Restricted category. That should solve the problem.

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