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ROOT Patch Release v6.18/04


We have released v6.18/04 with a couple of bug fixes - some noticeable. See the release notes for details.

Please consider upgrading: this is the best ROOT version out there! You can download it here: https://root.cern/content/release-61804

As always: thank you for your contributions and your feedback!

Axel for the ROOT team.

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Hi Axel,

you mentioned in


that the arm and arm64 are in preparation, any date?

I am running a physics lab with different Root data acquisitions/analysis on more than 30 ubuntu odroid mini-PCs (arm32, arm 64). I need to upgrade the OS but cannot because Root was unfortunately not ported to new Ubuntu versions (> 14.).

So your effort is more than welcome.


Faouzi Attallah


You should be able to build ROOT out of the box - with these mini-ARMs that’s always the most stable solution… Yes it takes ages, but it’s the odroid’s time not yours :slight_smile: Would that work for you?

Make sure you have an SSD attached (or at least a hard drive), and make sure you build with -j1 to not run out of RAM.

If you run into problems don’t hesitate to open a new topic here!

Cheers, Axel.