Root optimizations for compiled code

I’m developing a standalone application (compiled with gcc) with TGMainFrame and a lot of TGRootEmbeddedCanvas.
I would like to know if there are some parameters during the build of the root or some tips useful to improve the performance of the graphic display of the canvases, because the redraw of the canvases is sometime slow.
I use a Suse 9.2, Pentium M 1.7 GHz, 512 Mb ram, Ati mobility radeon 9700).
Thank you very much
Best regards

Andrea Bulgarelli

What do you mean by slow (! millisecond, 1 day?)
As usual, please send teh shortest possible running script showing what you mean.


I have added a simple example that show what is mean “sometimes is slow”. Do the following steps:

  1. run the script
  2. with the Add button add some pads
  3. maximize the window of the application and resize many times the application (with the window buttons) and add new pads
  4. exit the application
    In this first session of work there are no problem, but if you repeat the same stesp above the application became slow after the maximization of the window (step 3).

An additional question. Why if a run the script two times in the same root session I get an error about TQObject::CheckConnectArgs?

Thank you for your help
Best regards
Andrea Bulgarelli
multiembedded_file.c (4.45 KB)