ROOT on Windows Vista

Hi Rooters,

A collegue try to install/use ROOT on Windows Vista.
She tried with “WindowsXP/NT/w2000 with VC++ 7.1, version 5.21/04 (good old tar file)”, and apparently face a “libWin32gdk.dll” problem.
I guess this library is not any more valid on Vista.

Is ROOT tested on Vista ?
Or did somebody attempt to compile on Vista ?


Hi David,

I build and use ROOT on Vista every day!
What is the exact problem?


She installed the tar file “WindowsXP/NT/w2000 with VC++ 7.1, version 5.21/04”, and when she run ROOT, it complains about lacking “libWin32gdk.dll” . This library is expected to exist for vista ?
I assumed the problem is that the prebuilt windows ROOT are not compatible with Vista.

I posted here because I did not found the word “vista” on the ROOT site, and I was wondering if it was not supported at all. If you build and use ROOT daily on vista, that’s good news and I will suggest her to install some VC++ and compile ROOT from the sources.

Are there tricks to know about or is it rather straightforward ?
At first look, seems purely unix-oriented.

Or perhaps you have some prebuilt tar file which you can share ?


No need to rebuild root… libWin32gdk.dll must be in the root\bin directory.
To be able to use root, a couple of environment variables have to be correctly set. To do so, two options:

  1. run root\bin\thisroot.bat before to use root
  2. set ROOTSYS environment variable pointing to root directory and add %ROOTSYS%\bin in your path

And yes, I have prebuilt tar files that I can share, they are all in :wink:


Ok. I wrongly thought libWin32gdk.dll was a windows system library.
So, she simply was not setting correctly her environement…
I apologize for the noise.

No problem, don’t worry, no need to apologize!
Cheers, Bertrand.

Perhaps would be useful to add “Vista” in the list of windows flavors which are mentionned in the names of tar files such as :
“WindowsXP/NT/w2000 with VC++ 7.1, version 5.21/04 (good old tar file)”.
This would avoid windows newbies like me to wonder if vista deserves a special procedure.

You’re right, we’ll change this. Sorry for the trouble…