ROOT on Windows 7

Dear Root Talk,

I was following the instructions outlined by Bertrand but they are a little out of date with some of the links broken.

Is there an updated list of instructions on how to install ROOT for Windows Vista/7?



This information is not relevant anymore, as it is now sufficient to install MS Visual C++ express edition and the source code of ROOT, following these instructions (see Getting Ready to Build).
Or even simpler, you can just download a binary version (see:
If you encounter any problem installing ROOT, feel free to ask, describing what is exactly the problem.

Cheers, Bertrand.


Yeah, sorry about the vague post.

So I was trying to install ROOT 5.26 on Windows 7 (64-bit, Enterprise) using the MSI compiled with VC++ 7.1 (which is the recommended version according to the bold font). It installed fine but when I tried running ROOT I go the following error message

Today I used the VC++ 9 MSI and that runs fine.