ROOT on Win10 with VS2017: How to?

ROOT Version: 6.14.02
Platform: Windows_10
Compiler: Visual_Studio_2017

Is there a general how-to for running ROOT on Windows 10? I’ve done a little bit of ROOT programming in Linux over the Summer and have just installed VS 2017 and ROOT 6.14.02 on my Windows 10 machine (well, it’s technically the same machine as my Linux box) and want to know where to start. To be more specific:

I have some code that’s running over the Picodst files and, to that end, I installed on my Linux side (Mint 19) some newer code that has macros to work with the Picos. I installed that on Linux from a tarball; how do I do that on Windows?

Sorry for the question being a bit newbish; I’ll gladly clarify anything I can. Thanks!

For example, I’m trying to install with a make file. Command prompt doesn’t recognise “make,” and I don’t know how to install it. But should I be doing that from Visual Studio?

First of all, you can use ROOT on Windows the same way you use it on Linux: start root from the command prompt (you might have to call root\bin\thisroot.bat first). Then, if you want to compile an application, there is no make on Windows, but nmake, which uses completely different makefiles… Or you can simply use cl.exe, passing the compiler flags, but this is another story, and I’m afraid there is no simple howto covering all use cases… And using Visual Studio is another solution, but then you have to learn how to create projects…

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Thanks for the reply! I would love to use Windows as it has no hardware issues (which seem to be rampant with newer machines in Linux); I’m really excited at the prospect of native ROOT on Win10 and it was dead simple to install. Much easier than installation in either Linux or OSX, so kudos to the design team for that!

I would like to learn how to do projects for VS; I’ve done that in the past for Visual Basic, but it’s been a while. Should I just follow online tutorials for building a generic project, or is there something more ROOT-centric out there that I ought to follow?

There is no ROOT specific example, but you might find some information on this forum. The most important point is that you have to use the same configuration for your project that the one used to build ROOT itself (i.e. same compiler flags). Note also that you can still use ACLiC to compile your code (as a shared library)

I’m afraid I’m not quite sure how to use the same compiler flags for a ROOT project; I’ll dig around some. ROOT runs fine on the machine, too; I launch using the icon and have done a few calculations and used TBrowser.

Can I compile code with Visual Studio? I need to use that makefile that runs over Picodst data.

Yes, you can compile code with Visual Studio, but you cannot use the same makefile…

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