Root on lxplus with gcc 4.6

Hi all,

I need to use on lxplus a root version which use gcc 4.6 as compiler.

In past I was using root 5.34.19 sourcing it from afs, but from when we use cvmfs there are no anymore any root version using gcc4.6, or at least I didn’t found it.

Someone has any idea how could I do?

thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


in principle, you can find gcc46 on cvmfs*. The question could be more why you need a compiler released in 2011 and wether you can move to a newer version of gcc (and perhaps ROOT).



Hi, thanks for the reply!

Yes the gcc 4.6 compiler I found it, the problem is that there is not any ROOT version available using this compiler. All the version available start from gcc 4.7.
Unfortunately I need an old ROOT versione because I need it to integrated with GEANT4.9.6 which use gcc 4.6.

thanks, cheers

You might need to build you own version of ROOT, see


what is the problem of using a recent LCG stack with a coherent set of packages compiled with a recent gcc including both ROOT and G4?


I need to use G4.9 since the code works with the old version
thanks :slight_smile:

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