Hi folks!

We - Radim Kolar and me - are working on a ROOT port for FreeBSD.
Actually, I already commited a port to the FreeBSD community, and it
is already approved. So it is included in the official current version of the
ports tree.

Now we are discussing which features should be available or even
activated by default for the next revision of this port.
I already mentioned to Radim, that the support of the Kerberos subsystem
needs some patches to ROOT. Radim pointed out that MySQL can be used
"out off the box". But there is still a lot of work to do: We need some input
about stability of the thread support, which seams to cause some trouble.
Additionally all kind of informations about what the people need/want
are usefull.

So join the discussion!




I suggest that you post this announcement to as well.
We had recently several people making improvements in the FreeBSD version.